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FAR infrared Panel Heater 600 watts Size - 90cm x 60cm x 2.5cm AMPS - 2.6a Covers up to 12 m2


FAR Infrared Heater 800 watts Size 120cm x 60cm x 2.5cm AMPS- 3.5a Covers up to 16m2


White Glass Frameless Panel 600 watts Size 90cm x 60cm x 2.5cm AMPS- 2.6a Covers up to 12m2


FAR Infrared Mirror 600 watts  Size  60cm x 90cm x 2.5cm Watts - 600 AMPS 2.6 Area Heated up to 12 m2


Black Glass 600 Watt Frameless panel Covers 12m2 600 watts Size 60 x 90 x 2.5cm Amps - 2.6a


FAR Infrared Infrastrip 1800 watts Size 110cm x 7cm x 19cm Amps - 7.8a Covers up to 20m2


FAR Infrared Heater 400 watts Size 30cm x 120cm x 2.5cm  AMPS-1.73a  Covers up to 8m2

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FAR Infrastrip Heaters

FAR Infrastrip Infrared Heater 1kw


FAR infrared Infrastrip 1000 watts Size - 60cm x 19cm x 7cm AMPS- 4.3a Covers up to 10m2


  FAR Infrared Heater 300 Size 30 x 90 x 2.5cm Power - 300 watts Amps - 1.08 Are Heated up to 6m2  


Far Infrared Heater 400 Size 60cm x 60cm x 2.5cm AMPS 1.7a Covers up to 8m2

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