Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Infrared Panel Heating?

Infrared heating works like the Sun, the most effective source of natural heat. Imagine how cold you feel when you stand in the shade on a winters day but when you step into the sun, you immediately feel the warmth on your face, even though the air temperature has not changed. This is the Infrared rays warming your body.

How Does Infrared heating work?

Infrared heating emits harmless rays which will directly warm the solid objects in the room like you, the floor, and the furniture. The rays are absorbed by the solid mass and the heat is then emitted back into the room in an even and consistent level to ensure an equal spread of heat.

Convectional heating relies on the circulation of air to warm the room. When the air gets warm, it rises which forces the cooler air downwards causing a cycle. This is why you can feel warm all over but can have cold feet! Unlike convection heating, infrared heating does not require air in order to circulate the warmth around the room so is far more efficient.

Why Is Infrared Heating Healthier?

The infrared rays which are emitted from an infrared panel, actually heat the room and not the air, which reduces air movement in the room which in turn reduces the circulation of dust, spores and bacteria, making it an ideal solution for allergy suffers.

For more information, see ´Benefits of Infrared Heat´.

Why are Infrared Panel Heaters Better Than Traditional Central Heating?

Because unlike traditional oil or gas fuelled boilers you can heat just the rooms and areas that you are using. A central heating system pumps the heated water to every radiator in the house through one large loop, irrelevant of whether the radiator is on or off. An average 3 bedroom semi-detached house will have up to 1,500 litres of water an hour being pumped around in an uninsulated copper pipe, even if you only have one radiator turned on! There is significant heat loss from the copper pipes during this process and it is not an efficient way to distribute heat.

Infrared heaters can have unlimited programmable zones and be used to target just the rooms and areas that you want or need to heat just when you want or need them.

Can I touch the Infrared Panel Heater when it is on?

No. The surface temperature of the Infrared Panel Heater will reach up to 90°C degrees so we do not recommend that you touch it whilst in use. The back of the Infrared Panel Heater is insulated and sits approximately 1 inch away from your wall so it will not burn your wall.

Will installing Infrared Panel Heaters be expensive?

No. Whilst the panels can be hard wired in to the electric circuit, you can just simply plug it in, so no expensive plumbing or boiler to install!

You can mount your Infrared Panel Heater on the ceiling or the wall which is as simple as putting up a flat screen TV.

Where can I use my Infrared Panel Heaters?

Infrared Panel Heaters are suitable for any indoor area that needs to be warm. They are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. They are also ideal for businesses, offices, commercial premises, shops, schools, hospitals, caravans, workshops, churches, village halls etc.

Where can I put my Infrared Panel Heaters within my room?

Your Infrared Panel Heater can be free standing using a special pair of feet (see Accessories). This gives you the flexibility to move it to whichever room you want to heat. Alternatively, they can be mounted on the ceiling on the wall. Due to their stylish design, they are unobtrusive and will blend in with your furniture so you won´t even notice they are there!

How many Infrared Panel Heaters will I need to heat my home?

This will depend on many variables including the amount of rooms you need to heat, how large they are, the ceiling height & position of the heaters within the room.

A way to estimate what you need is to multiply 50 watts per m2 that you need to heat. So if your room is 3m x 4m = 12m2, you would need 12 m2 x 50 watts = 600 watts. Note: This is based on a standard ceiling height of 2.4 metres.

Do I get a warranty with my Infrared Panel Heater?

Yes. For peace of mind you get a manufacturers 12 month replacement guarantee.